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#UNEPIECEwomen - Tanya - Adelaide

Tanya - Adelaide


Where I call home: Adelaide

My job: Child Protection Worker

My life mantra: Love what you do.

Me in 3 words: Caring, confident, determined.

An average day: I have 4 children (6 and under) and we have a structured daily routine with them. I also try and go to the gym 3x a week, work, study a master in social work full time and attempt to still have a social life. My daily routine is quite dull with bed usually by 9 at the latest!

Where I'd rather be: Camping or travelling the world with my family. I prefer the lesser known places and more "rough" accommodation and locations.

Greatest achievement in the last 12 months: Passing my first year of my Master in Social Work. I have now started my second and final year. I have also managed to keep all my children and sanity in tact.

Best life advice I have received: When I was 18 I told off my dad for being what I perceived as immature. He said to me "you don't feel any older, you just look it". Now I am older and he has passed away I totally understand that. I still feel like I am 21.