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#UNEPIECEwomen - Lisa - Nova Scotia, Canada

Lisa - Nova Scotia, Canada


Where I call home: Nova Scotia, Canada

My job: Writer

My life mantra: Everything happens for a reason and you can always learn something.

Me in 3 words: Positive, dreamer, loyal

An average day: I love to wake up and eat a delicious breakfast to start. I try to write as much as possible before I take some time to practice yoga or Pilates. Hopefully have someone around for dinner to cook/bake for. I love to wind down by reading on my kindle and I also keep up with the news, social media, television (especially during the cold Canadian winters!).

Where I'd rather be: If I could go anywhere it would be the South of France or Capri.

Greatest achievement in the last 12 months: I’ve learned to listen to my body. It will lead me where I need to be and I can’t rush things.

Best life advice I have received: Everyone who comes in to your life does so for a reason. There is always a purpose or lesson. Whether they leave a positive or negative impact on your present, you can learn from that for your future.