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#UNEPIECEwomen - Marina - Brisbane

Marina - Brisbane


Where I call home: Brisbane

My job: Founder, PURE Health Clubs

My life mantra: Life's a gift, embrace it

Me in 3 words: Passionate. Purposeful. Playful

An average day: Ha!! days vary drastically.... it could be a a "17 hour long work day with teaching, training, coaching and speaking" filling it, or it could be a "get the girls to school, work from home, collect them and chill day"... or it might include facilitating a retreat, writing new copy or creating a new recipe/program/class. Regardless... my days always include movement (any and all types), great food and hopefully plenty of laughs.

Where I'd rather be: In the ocean at a beach or in a forest... or ideally at a beach with a forest. I told you I want it all.

Greatest achievement in the last 12 months: I'm obsessed with creating positive change. In my life and the lives of everyone I touch. So when I make progress and release old, limiting patterns or step into empowered changes I am always proud... it might be little or big things.

Best life advice I have received: Take imperfect action. Perfection is a myth that limits our experience of ourselves and life. Oh... and be brave, and be yourself. Authenticity is what we all ache for.