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#UNEPIECEwomen - Rebecca - London

Rebecca - London


Where I call home: London

My job: Health and Wellness Coach at Glorious Wellness

My life mantra: Simplify everything.

Me in 3 words: Glass. Half. Full. I’m relentlessly optimistic.

An average day: Since I left the big marketing job to launch Glorious Wellness there are no ‘average’ days anymore. Thank gawd. I’m either seeing clients, speaking at events or helping life-enhancing brands to grow. I’m lucky in that I get to centre everything around my passion for nutrition and helping busy women to feel gloriously well. I make it sound blissful - it IS in that I’m my own boss - the flip side is that I juggle a lot! Wouldn't have it any other way though. I love it.

Where I'd rather be: I’d really hankering for a trip to Mallorca right now. That amazing combination of forest and coastline and teeny weeny deserted beaches. Bring it on. Tickets, Passport, Une Piece. I'm ready.

Greatest achievement in the last 12 months: My TEDx talk. It’s called Trust your gut. She never lies.

Best life advice I have received: There’s really absolutely zero point worrying about things you can’t control.