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“The Surfer Girl Swimsuit That Flatters Everyone. It’s a one-piece with a difference; a sophisticated surfer-girl-meets-Riviera hybrid... The UPF50+ protection built into the material is the stuff of beauty editors’ dreams.”
Vogue | by Lauren Murdoch-Smith | Read Online
“The swimsuit they all want – 500 people on the waitlist and it’s already sold out!”
Italy Elle | by Di Elena Gandini | Read Online
“A slick, zip-front stye and crafted from protection factor 50 fabric - garnering a wait list of 500 before it even launched.”
Grazia | Read Online

“Enter summer 2017’s hottest piece of swimming kit — it’s called the Original Sexie Rashie, a swimsuit and sleeved UV vest combined.”
The Times | by Bridget Harrison | Read Online 
“Carly Brown launched her swimwear label UNE PIECE just three months ago. Her designs attracted a waitlist of over 500 women ahead of the official online release, and sold out within their first week of going on sale.”
Huffington Post | by Leigh Campbell | Read Online
“The rashie gets a VERY sexy makeover: Contouring swimsuit with SPF 50 becomes this summer's must-have as designer caters to women keen to turn heads on the beach.”
Daily Mail | by Bianca London | Read Online
“Creating a rashie that women actually felt sexy in may seem like an impossible task, but if the waitlist of 500 plus women who signed up to purchase one before they actually went on sale is anything to go by, she’s nailed it.” | by Simone Mitchell | Read Online
“She’s drummed up so much interest in her brand, overseas customers have come knocking and she is expanding into even more styles.” | by Jacinda Tutty | Read Online
“The UNE PIECE went through 11 design iterations before the team were 100 per cent happy with it… It works on so many different shapes… pieces are available from a size 6-16.”
Daily Telegraph | by Simone Mitchell | Read Online
“It's the swimsuit with a waiting list 500 people long and now Brisbane-based fashion label UNE PIECE is taking its world's sexy rashie international.”
Daily Telegraph | Read Online
“We already envision hundreds of bloggers ready to hit buy!”
Vanity | by Essia Shali | Read Online
“The style is on the rise for two reasons: one is the obvious that it has great sun protection and secondly – they are super flattering…”
Marie Claire fashion director Jana Pokorny.
Marie Claire | by Anna McClelland | Read Online
“It’s the only brand out there right now that’s bringing out sun-safe classics in a really modern way.”
Courier Mail | by Kristy Symonds | Read Online
“The UNE PIECE allows women to cover their back and shoulders, and choose the level of sun protection on their chest. The high quality Italian fabric ensures a shape-defining yet comfortable fit.”
Courier Mail | Read Online
“Once the suit hit the website they sold out within a week and quickly began to sell pre-orders for their second shipment with people signing up to wait more than a month to get their order.”
Courier Mail | by Jacinda Tutty | Read Online
“The world’s sexiest “rashie..." an UNE PIECE swimsuit is made with 28 pieces of Italian UPF50+ rated fabric that flatter and support the female shape."
Courier Mail | by Kylie Lang | Read Online
“It’s always been a challenge to cover up from the sun, and yet feel sexy. The UNE PIECE allows women to cover their back and shoulders, and choose the level of sun protection on their chest.”
MamaMia | by Kahla Preston | Read Online
“Made of UPF50+ fabric, each stylish one-piece is actually crafted from 28 pieces of fabric.”
Collective | by Nicole Webb | Read Online
“Over 500 women joined the waitlist to be the first to get their hands on one. When the website launched, the highly desirable one pieces sold out within a week... That’s how you launch a brand.”
Business Chicks | by Nicky Champ | Read Online
“Australian brand UNE PIECE has crafted an insanely flattering hybrid of a one-piece and a rash guard that you’ll want to get your hands on ASAP.”
Who What Wear | by Erin Fitzpatrick | Read Online
“The Brisbane based designer has launched UNE PIECE and she’s hit the nail on the head. The gorgeous bathers have been dubbed the sexy rashie and there's already a waiting list of more than 500 women who want to get their hands on one.”
97.3FM | by Amy Taeuber | Read Online
“It's all three S's. Sunsafe, sexy and shape-defining.”
Body + Soul | by Simone Mitchell | Read Online
“Thought a rash shirt couldn't be stylish? Brisbane-based designer Carly Brown is out to prove you wrong with her new brand UNE PIECE and debut style, ‘the original sexy rashie.’ And given the growing waitlist, it looks like she's succeeded.”
Styled by Marie Claire | by Hayley O’Neill | Read Online
“The classic pieces are selling out quickly and the website has only been live for a week.”
Daily Mail | by Tanya Li and Sinead Maclaughlin | Read Online
“The key to ultimate swimwear success.”
Look | by Bridie Wilkins | Read Online
“The shape-defining element is one of the factors that sets the swimsuit apart. There are 28 pieces to the UNE PIECE, making it “incredibly contouring” on the body”
Herald Sun | by Simone Mitchell | Read Online
“The brand caters for all sizes from 6 to 16 and comes in a range of colours in high quality SPF50+ fabric”
Herald Sun | Read Online
“An elegant & functional one-piece that empowers women to feel confident by the water - Tick, tick, achieved... It's also perfection for sun protection.”
bellaMUMMA | Read Online
“Women have rushed to get their hands on UNE PIECE’s range of sun safe swimwear.”
Gold Coast Bulletin | Read Online
“There is often a double standard when it comes to mothers and sun-safe swimwear… many a mother has faced while forcing a reluctant child into a long-sleeved rashie on the beach… may be a thing of the past thanks to Carly Brown.”
NT News | by Simone Mitchell | Read Online
UNE PIECE has been dubbed as the ‘the original sexy rashie’ and if you've seen the photos of it on the company's website, you can see why.”
Scoopla | by Lauren Payne | Read Online